One of my favorite summer activities is attending City Park Jazz, a weekly series of musicians who play in Denver’s City Park on Sunday nights. I’ve been going for years; a seasonal ritual where I meet friends to share food, friendship, and dance. I love the diversity of the city, the price (free), and the freedom that people express as they dance. You can’t help but smile.

This past Sunday the band was particularly good, so there were a lot of people dancing. Some were older (than me) ladies who were happy to raise their hands to touch mine, and then twirl around; youngsters without a care; the man we’ve dubbed “spinner man” who turns in circles to the left; a person I recognized from somewhere (it was a yoga class), and a lady I’ve seen for years who always wears pretty dresses – who told me she was 74 years old and not to waste a minute of time.

Then there was the lady with the cool hat. During a song break, I touched her shoulder from behind and whispered how much I liked her hat. When she turned around to see me, our eyes locked. I told her she was beautiful – she was.

Without pause or hesitation, she puckered her lips, as did I, and we shared a brief kiss; a truly human connection that wasn’t strange or sexual, just natural.

Life was flowing through both of us and it happened to meet at our lips.

It’s moments like this that bring beauty and meaning to life – not money, not alcohol or drugs, or endless competition. Just an unplanned, lovely moment where two hearts felt free to love. I continue to marvel.

Namaste ~ Cyndee Rae Lutz