What’s more frightening than living a pointless life? Being honest with yourself and changing it.

“I’m too busy” provides the perennial excuse to avoid change. What usually gets shortchanged when there is little time? YOU, and a life filled with meaning and purpose.

I encourage you to find stillness. Spending quiet time alone is healing. It’s why I meditate every morning for 30 minutes – even on vacation. At first, it felt like a duty, but I was determined to learn of its effect. Now, I do it out of devotion – to myself. I prefer the person I see when I close my eyes, rather than the negative and inaccurate image that I’m prone to when I get caught up in societal expectations with my eyes open.

85% of the information we take in comes through our eyes. Your brain is always churning with data that isn’t always nourishing or necessary. Closing your eyes in meditation allows you to transcend the chatter in your mind and see things without distortion. You begin to tune into what is right and best for you, regardless of opinions – and that’s when life gets interesting!

Looking inside can be scary. It likely means that you will need to make some changes in your current life (job, relationships, hobbies, etc.) and that can be more frightening than living a pointless life.

You have a right to your own experience of life. 
That is true freedom – and that is scary!

Fear doesn’t go away by avoiding it. Instead, it turns into a low level of angst that infiltrates everything you do. You won’t understand it at first and may chide yourself for feeling unhappy, adopt coping tools (alcohol, overeating, sleeping aids, depression meds, caffeine, etc.), or read self-help books to discover what is wrong with you.

There is nothing wrong with you!

You’re just not listening to what the divine, intelligent “YOU” wants to tell “you”. You’re letting the world define your experience of life and that’s why it lacks meaning. You’ve adopted a false identity that doesn’t feel good because it’s not you.

The cure is simple because the truth is always simple. Make time for stillness. Divine knowledge speaks in silence and has something very important to say. Can you hear it?

Be Amazed ~ Cyndee Rae Lutz

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