Have you ever experienced an outcome that surprised you – one that you could never have imagined?

That’s often what happens – but only after you’ve spent untold hours attempting to get what you think you need or are afraid to lose.

Overthinking is like a drug. It provides a brief illusion of control while you believe your own bullshit.

It feeds the underlying fear that you must have a perfect solution in order to handle life. The truth is – you don’t, and you’re far better off spending your energy elsewhere.

Most answers will not be found in your head! Existence has its own timetable and roadmap. Looking back, you realize that most life events happened at random. You could not have predicted them, planned them, nor thwarted them.

Solutions have the uncanny ability to arrive without your guidance or consent.

Inspiration comes apart from thinking. A hectic mind soars past intuition, divine insight, and gut feel. It separates the thinking mind from the body. It’ll cause you to eat when you’re not hungry, act impulsively – or not at all, and fill you with restless energy. You’ll spend more time with the thoughts in your head than you will be enjoying life and the people in it.

Perhaps it’s time for a different approach? One that slows down the thinking mind and allows life to unfold instead of trying to pin it down.

Where can you find this uncluttered mind? It can be found in nature and in the depths of meditation. You can find it by dancing freely, doing yoga, or creating art of any kind. Whenever the mind is free from coerced thought, you will find equanimity.

Free yourself from the bondage of uncertainty, for perfection is a ploy that leads to a crazy and meaningless existence.

The experience of life beckons. Embrace it! Live simply and love greatly so you can enjoy marvelous things without the need to manufacture or maintain them.

Be Amazed! 

Cyndee Rae Lutz