Who is Cyndee Rae Lutz?

Cyndee is raw and real. She freely admits her shortcomings and heartache as the basis for her wisdom, and shares her knowledge in many different capacities.

Publisher, Speaker and Author…

As a publisher, she launched a magazine, Divorce in Denver: Moving Forward, to show readers the way through divorce and custody proceedings and step confidently into their new lives. The bimonthly publication empowered readers with knowledge and resources she found difficult to find during her own divorce.

As a speaker and author of the book, When Your Heart Belongs to an Addict—A Healing Perspective, Cyndee challenges societal standards of success, self-worth, and spirituality. Cyndee takes a spiritual approach to helping clients discover their worth, which means she doesn’t judge what someone believes, but rather helps individuals identify something they can trust and hang on to—whether or not the belief is based in a religious tradition. She also draws upon her sponsorship of those in recovery by incorporating into her writings the 12-step approach used to combat addiction, as well as the yoga philosophy she has embraced.

Mentor and Advisor…

Cyndee believes in the power of transformation. She loves the human spirit—and dogs, especially standard poodles. Cyndee has weathered personal struggles including divorce and parenting a drug-addicted child to emerge a stronger, wiser, more centered person. Her life experiences have made her a compassionate, approachable resource for others, and her desire to guide individuals toward their better selves drives both her personal and professional endeavors.

As a trusted mentor and advisor, she serves as a confidential sounding board for:

  • Women who are big thinkers, such as corporate executives, business owners, and spiritual leaders;
  • Young women navigating societal pressures and expectations to find their authentic selves; and
  • Anyone with a loved one battling substance abuse or other codependence.

Cyndee Rae Lutz…

is a Yoga Teacher and a Corporate Trainer.

Cyndee Rae Lutz…

Cyndee’s formal education includes holding CPA, securities, and insurance licenses; a BS in Business; and an MBA in Finance and Accounting, which give her sound footing as a small-business owner. Her professional affiliations include membership in the Denver Woman’s Press Club, Yoga Teachers of Colorado, and the Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention.

In her free time, Cyndee logs miles upon miles in her walking shoes and practices yoga and meditation. A lifelong learner, she is open to all she hasn’t yet imagined. She is married and lives with her husband in Centennial, Colo.

Teacher and Trainer…

Cyndee has mentored females ages 12 to 70, as well as people negotiating changes or challenges in their careers or personal lives. Rather than giving advice, she provides options for people seeking positive change so they may discover or reclaim their personal power and presence.

As a corporate trainer, Cyndee presents EAP (Employee Assistance Program) information to audiences on behalf of Fortune 500 Companies to assist with issues that may impact their job performance and well being.

As a teacher of yoga, Cyndee has instructed up to 50 students weekly how to move forward using the practice’s spiritual principles. Her guidance also extends to sports, with service as a racquetball pro and softball coach.

I Understand…

Loving an addict is such a difficult path, but if you let it, it can reveal more about who you are as a human being than you might ever have imagined. You will either be succumbed by it, or be transformed by it—and this might be a back and forth pattern as you slowly sort your way through the chaos that is addiction.

If you seek transformation, you will never view the world the same again. You’ll begin to see both people and circumstances differently. You will know frailty and you will know strength—your own and others’, and how they often aren’t that far from one another.

Namaste, Cyndee Rae