bookIf you have a loved one dealing with addiction—you are not alone! I understand the heartache, distorted thinking, and wreckage that surround addiction. I have experienced firsthand the overwhelming sense of heaviness and loss that occur: the absence of the person you once knew, the lack of any sense of normalcy, and the fear – I have experienced the dreadful fear – that I might get the call saying my son was dead or would be going to prison.

There is a better way to handle the chaos of addiction. Things can and do get better. There is hope and healing for your future.

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“When Your Heart Belongs to an Addict”

Worn Out. Powerless. Heartbroken. Alone.

When you love someone who is dealing with addiction or alcoholism, you often don’t realize the blow it delivers to your own self-esteem. Addicts and alcoholics don’t always like to suffer alone. They’ll take those who are closest to them right down with them.

You can restore your sanity and reclaim your life! I have walked this path. This book weaves the painful account of my son’s drug addiction with the healing strategies and spiritual wisdom that transformed my life—and can transform yours—whether or not you ever step foot inside a yoga studio, 12-step meeting, or religious institution.

And it just might be the best thing you can do for your addicted loved one. Often, when you get better, they get better too.

  • "A thoughtful and insightful book on how to live with an addict. But, more importantly, the book teaches us how to live with ourselves, in a way that validates and acknowledges our self-worth, even while loving an addict. I purchased the book with the idea of giving it to a family member who lives with an addict. I began reading it, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the book is applicable to anyone dealing with, not only addiction, but any adversity in life. I found the author’s learnings and growth, over the years she dealt with an addict son, offered excellent counsel for dealing with life stress in general. Her perspective is fresh, simple, powerful and honest. A good book to read a bit, and then reflect on and savor what you have read."
    — Cherryl Leone
  • "Life-changing, healing read for anyone desperate to "help" an addicted love one. Cyndee Rae Lutz gives powerful wisdom and tools that will change every relationship in your life, giving you a healthier, more effective way to live & love. Great book club choice!"
    — Ruthanne Wright
  • "This is a book that I know I will read many times. It not only provided me with a practical set of tools to help me cope with my loved one’s addiction but also a roadmap on how to live life more deeply. This book is a very worthwhile read."
    — Amazon Customer
  • "This book provides a unique and sensitive insight into the lives of the people who struggle everyday with the addiction of a loved one. Those people who are often forgotten when the focus is directed toward the addict. Cyndee draws from her own experiences as the mother of an addicted son who becomes overwhelmed with the gripping fear of the day she will lose him forever to substance abuse. She candidly shares what she learned during her own struggle so that others might benefit from it, too."
    — Adesigner
  • "Cyndee Rae Lutz's first book is a must read for those going through life with an active addict, those recovering from addictions looking for a different way of living or anyone searching for a better, calmer, serene life. Her personal journey intertwined with her deep felt philosophies, after years of doing her own research, helps to make this book something special. This is an intelligently, thought provoking, well laid out piece of writing which could transform anybody's life in a positive way. My hat off to Cyndee and can't wait for future books. Bravo!”
    — Amazon Customer

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